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  • Support a Soldier
  • Your Kids and the War
  • Benefits of Family Volunteerism in Corporate Setting
  • Volunteerism in Action: One Family's Story
  • News From DGT
  • With American soldiers being deployed in numbers not seen since World War II, there are many brave men and women who can use our support. One way your family can help is through Operation Dear Abby. And if the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan has been a topic with your children, see the Talk About It and Learn About It ideas below. This edition of our newsletter also includes some facts about corporate volunteerism, another inspiring family story and our own need for volunteers to support Doing Good Together's mission of helping strengthen kids and communities through family volunteerism. Enjoy!

    Jenny Friedman, Executive Director

    Support a Soldier
    Pic of soldiers

    Make a Difference... Got five minutes? Send comfort to a soldier. You and your children can write an e-mail to a person serving in the military. For instructions, click the link below:

      Photo courtesy of U.S. Army

    Your Kids and the War

    Talk About It ... How we talk with our kids about the war depends on their ages and our own positions and beliefs. Whatever your own feelings, acknowledge that the situation in Iraq is complicated and difficult.

    • Your children may have heard about the Iraq war on the news or in their classroom. Listen carefully as your kids voice their ideas, questions and concerns. Share your own feelings, but invite them to express theirs as well (even if they differ from yours) by asking open-ended questions.
    • Don’t overwhelm kids with too much information or talk about issues they’re not ready to understand.
    • Discuss the importance of peaceful conflict resolution and tolerance for all groups.
    • Reassure your children that they are safe.
    Learn About It ... Reading books about war and peace with your children can help initiate important conversations. For books that match your child’s age and reading level, check out our resource list.

    Benefits of Family Volunteerism in Corporate Setting

    Did you know? Everyone benefits when corporations include families in their employee volunteer program. Seventy percent of corporations and businesses that promote family volunteering to their employees reported improved public and community relations; 57% reported greater employee commitment to the organization; and 15% reported increased employee productivity. SOURCE: Molly McKaughan, (1997) Corporate volunteerism: How families make a difference. New York: The Conference Board

    Volunteerism in Action: One Family's Story
    Ulseth Family

    Tom and Anne Ulseth of Minneapolis and their four daughters combined their love of food and culture to find a volunteer experience that's become a family tradition. Every holiday season, through the Minnesota International Center, they host guests visiting the United States. Their visitors have come from France, Korea, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Japan, Pakistan and other countries around the globe. Photo: The Ulseth sisters and a guest from Japan

    News From DGT

    Doing Good Together is looking for volunteers! See how you can assist us in encouraging more families to spend time in community service with their children by checking out our list of volunteer opportunities.

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