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  • Summer means lemonade stands on the neighborhood street corner. This year, however, your family can give this happy summertime tradition a twist. You can use the event to teach your kids the joy that comes from helping others. Two special websites, described below, explain how easy it is for you and your kids to make a positive difference.

    Wishing you a fun and meaningful summer,

    Jenny Friedman, Executive Director

    Enterprising Lemonade Stands
    Sunkist-Take a Stand

    Make a Difference...
    This year, donate the proceeds from your family lemonade stand to a cause that matters. Start by visiting Alex's Lemonade Stand, a site that can help you raise money to fight childhood cancer. Or get tools and tips from Take a Stand, a Sunkist-sponsored initiative that encourages young entrepreneurs (and their families!) to donate the money they earn from lemonade sales to a charity of their choice. Both sites provide all the information you need to create a successful family business for your junior philanthropists.

    Photo: Sunkist -Take a Stand

    Considering Charity Choices
    Alex's Lemonade Stand

    Talk About It...
    Earning money for an organization or cause you care about can be fun and meaningful. Make it even richer by talking to your children about the value of raising funds for-and awareness of-the issues your believe in. Here are some questions to bring up.

  • When we raise money from the lemonade stand, how do you imagine it will be used?
  • Why do you think raising money for this cause is important?
  • What other causes could we support with a fundraiser? (An animal shelter, perhaps?) What kinds of fundraisers could we have?
  • How does it feel to give away the money you earned to charity? Is it hard not to spend it on yourself?
  • Do you think everybody should give some of their money to charity? Why or why not?
  • Learn About It...
    Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand by Liz, Jay and Alex Scott; illustrated by Pam Howard (Paje Publishing Co., 2004). Ages 4-8.
    This is the true story of Alex Scott, a brave young girl battling cancer who wanted to find a way to help her doctors discover a cure. Alex decided to start a lemonade stand in her community and donate the proceeds to the hospital where she was being treated. Her efforts resulted in a national campaign to fight childhood cancer and inspired children all over the country to raise money through lemonade stands.

    Photo:Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand


    "Giving kids clothes and food is one thing, but it's much more important to teach them that other people besides themselves are important, and that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use them in the service of other people."

    Dolores Huerta, cofounder of the United Farm Workers of America

    Family Story
    Alexandra Scott

    Four-year-old Alexandra Scott had been through a lot in her short life. She was diagnosed with cancer before her first birthday, and her doctors felt that her treatment options had been exhausted. But an experimental treatment, recommended by a new physician, led to a dramatic decrease in her pain and discomfort. It was at that point, in January 2002, that Alex first mentioned to her mom, Liz Scott, that she'd like to have a lemonade stand. The following summer it became clear why she was so determined. "I'm not going to keep the money," Alex told her mother. "I'm giving the money to the hospital so they can help kids like they helped me."

    Liz told DGT that she was careful to keep Alex's expectations reasonable, but thanks to a small article about her in the local paper, that first lemonade stand, held in the front yard of their Connecticut home, raised $2,000 to research a cure for pediatric cancer. The next year (the family was now living in Philadelphia), a feature story in the Philadelphia Inquirer helped attract $12,000 in donations. The entire family was stunned by the generosity of their community. There and then, a movement was born.

    Soon, families around the country were hosting lemonade stands to raise money for Alex's cause. She set the ambitious goal of raising one million dollars. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), the nonprofit created as an outgrowth of her idea, reached that goal in the summer of 2004. Just two weeks later, Alex passed away. Since that time, thanks to the continued support of Alex's family, which includes her three brothers, ALSF has continued to prosper and has now raised over $25 million dollars in additional revenue, funding over 100 research projects nationwide.

    In her conversation with DGT, Liz said that not every venture will turn into a multimillion dollar nonprofit, but she doesn't think that's a reason to hold back when a family member has an idea about how to make a difference. When Liz told Alex she was unlikely to raise very much money at that first lemonade stand, her daughter responded, "I don't care. Every little bit helps." If everyone took that attitude, says Liz, we'd realize that when families work together for the common good, it's always - by its very definition -- a success.

    News From DGT

    Now you have a new and effortless way to raise money for Doing Good Together. Every time you use Yahoo!'s as your search engine, they'll donate a penny to us. Simply go to the site and choose Doing Good Together as the charity of your choice. In addition, if you do your online shopping through the Yahoo! online mall,, (where you can access more than 900 of your favorite online retailers), a percentage of your purchases will go to us, too. You pay the same price you normally would, but a donation goes to DGT!

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