Doing Good Together April 2010 Newsletter

Doing Good Together April 2010 Newsletter: Give Peace a Chance

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  • "Like a ripple in the water, each tiny act of peace reverberates out into the world expanding the experience of peace for all of us."

    The Six Billion Paths to Peace initiative encourages each of us to discover our own path to peace - to determine that unique personal contribution that will bring about a more harmonious world. Here are ideas for beginning a conversation in your family about what small acts of peace and service you each can offer.

    Jenny Friedman, Executive Director

    A Plug for Peace
    6 billion paths

    Make a Difference...
    Even young children understand they can do things to make a positive difference for others, like helping a sibling or picking up trash in the park. Try these hands- on projects to launch your family's commitment to peace and service:

  • Have each family member write or draw his or her "path to peace." Then determine how your family as whole can contribute. Write or make drawings to represent your paths and hang them in a prominent place in your home, as reminders.
  • Make a paper peace quilt. Have the family brainstorm ways to promote peace. Write or illustrate each idea on a 3" x 3" square piece of paper. Then tape them together to create a beautiful paper quilt. (Think about how many squares might make the quilt look complete - perhaps 16 or 25.) Hang it up for all to enjoy! You might get several families together to create a bigger quilt with more ideas for practicing peace.
  • Create family peace bracelets to remind yourselves of your commitment to daily acts of peace. Find instructions at the ehow website.
  • Photo: Six Billion Paths to Peace

    Messages of Hope and Harmony
    The Peace Book

    Talk About It...
    Chat about the meaning of peace and how your children might contribute. Here are some questions to get the conversation rolling.

  • What does peace mean to you? When do you feel most peaceful?
  • What responsibility do each of us have to create a more peaceful world?
  • How can we foster harmony at home, school, and around the world?
  • Can you name some people who helped bring about peace? What did they do? How can we learn more about their lives?
  • Learn About It...

    The Peace Book by Todd Parr (for ages 4-8) is chockablock with colorful illustrations on what can define "peace" In a pint-sized world. Older children may want to read Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World by Jane Breskin Zalben. It contains stories about individuals who spent their lives fighting for peace and justice.

    Photo: Ths Peace Book


    "Peace is not something you wish for. It's something you make, something you do, something you are, something you give away."

    Robert Fulghum, author

    News From DGT

    If you live in the Twin Cities and are excited about helping families raise compassionate, civically engaged kids through family volunteering, consider getting involved with Doing Good Together. We are looking for folks to serve on our development or event committees - and to help out in other ways, too. We'd be happy to work with you to see how your interests and talents might help in furthering our mission.
    Contact Jenny at or 612.822.6502.

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