Doing Good Together March 2010 Newsletter

Doing Good Together March 2010 Newsletter: Exploring a Family Service Night

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  • Organizing a service project for families in your school, faith group or workplace can be a powerful way to build community and introduce families to the idea of serving others together. We get rave reviews with an event we call Doing Good Together Family Service Night. It's a way for you (and a small team of like-minded helpers) to provide an evening of simple, hands-on activities-while passing on the values of kindness and community responsibility to your children.

    Jenny Friedman, Executive Director

    Family Service Night Defined
    DGT Family Service Night

    Make a Difference...

    Family Service Night is a fun volunteer evening that focuses around 4 to 8 "booths" or "stations," each one offering an easy service project for families to complete on the spot. Popular ideas include:

  • creating greeting cards for children with serious illnesses,
  • making sandwiches for a local homeless shelter,
  • decorating placemats for Meals on Wheels recipients, and
  • tying fleece blankets for kids who are sick or sad.
  • This event lets families have fun together while making a real difference in the community. Families can do all the projects or just a couple, educating their children in the process about critical social issues and the value of serving others. Family Service Night also encourages family participation in your school, faith group, business or organization, and reminds parents and children about the value of community involvement. To learn more about organizing a Family Service Night, click here.

    Photo: DGT Family Service Night project

    Tools and Strategies for a Family Service Night
    DGT Manual Cover

    Talk About It...

    Participating in Family Service Night can be fun for the whole family. Talk with your children about why this type of event is so important. Emphasize that you're not only helping those in the community with the items you create (cards, blankets, placemats, sandwiches), but you're also working together for a common purpose - and that builds community.

    Learn About It...

    A manual is available to help you and your group host a Family Service Night. It guides you through the process and provides project ideas as well as examples of promotion, reflection and education materials. Click here to order.

    Photo: DGT Family Service Night Manual


    "If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children."

    Mahatma Gandhi

    News From DGT

    If you live in the Twin Cities and are excited about helping families raise compassionate, civically engaged kids through family volunteering, consider getting involved with Doing Good Together. We are looking for folks to serve on our development or event committees - and to help out in other ways, too. We'd be happy to work with you to see how your interests and talents might help in furthering our mission.
    Contact Jenny at or 612.822.6502.

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