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February 2012

If your kids seem impatient, they may have good reason! Studies show that we spend about 45 to 62 minutes each day waiting - waiting in traffic, waiting for a ride, waiting in the checkout line, waiting for the doctor. To make the time go faster, use that time together for some easy, offhanded lessons in kindness. Imagine how much good you could do if your family spent its "wait time" on service! 




                                                       Jenny Friedman, Executive Director
Out and About Activities
Kick Start Kindness
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 Out and About Activities

Make a Difference.....



Here are simple projects that can be done on the go.

  • Keep a "kindness" book in your bag, backpack or purse. Pull it out to read and discuss with your child. See below for suggestions. 
  • Consider an anonymous kindness, like leaving quarters in a vending machine or gum machine for the next person to use. Include a quick note saying "Enjoy!" or "Use me." Or perhaps leave a kindness quote. Another idea: Copy and hang this great poster (from the folks at Kind Over Matter) at your favorite coffee shop, library or store. Check here for other simple kindness ideas.
  • Keep ingredients for an on-the-go service project in your bag. It might be a few paper lunch bags (along with crayons and stickers) to decorate for Meals on Wheels, or some blank cards and decorating supplies to create a card of thanks or gratitude.
  • If you live in a city where people hold signs saying they need money, you could make "care kits" to hand out. Simply fill resealable plastic bags with clean socks, a granola bar or other snacks, lip balm, hygiene items and perhaps gloves or sunscreen, depending on the weather. 
  • Kids love making lists. Brainstorm these things and write them down: 
    • Fun acts of kindness you can do in the future
    • Your favorite charities
    • All the ways people have helped you
    • All the things you're grateful for
    • Fun volunteer projects you'd like to do.

 Kick Start Kindness

Talk About It.....


Riding in the car on the way to soccer practice? Sitting in a waiting room? These are great opportunities to ask little children big questions.

  • If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?
  • If someone gave you $1,000, would you give any of it away or would you keep all of it? If you did decide to give some away, who would you give it to?
  • If someone tripped a kid in the lunchroom and everyone laughed, would you too?
  • If you see someone asking for money, should you give them some?
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be? How could you use it to help people?
Learn About It.....

Here are two books to keep in your purse or bag to read while you wait.

Zen Shorts

Zen Shorts by Jon Muth (Scholastic Press, 2008). Muth weaves three zen fables into a whimsical story of three siblings who befriend their new panda bear neighbor. Each fable provides openings for discussions about anger and forgiveness, 

wealth, manners, imagination, patience, luck and many other big ideas. Check out our blogger's review.


If Everybody Did It by Jo Ann Stover (JourneyForth, 1989). This funny, simple book prompts a discussion about the impact of our actions on others. Great illustrations. Check out our blogger's review.



Always be a little kinder than necessary.

                                     James M. Barrie


News from DGT

Midtown Market_Doing Good Together 

Better Together: Doing Good Together is partnering with Midtown Global Market to host Better Together, a free, community-wide family service event on Friday evening, February 24, 5-8 pm. Join other families to make fun, hands-on service projects; reflect on the importance of giving back; and learn about opportunities to get involved in your community. The Midtown Global Market is at Lake Street and 10th Avenue South in Minneapolis. For more information, contact


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