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January 2012
Learning openness, understanding and respect for differences is critical to raising happy and successful children in our increasingly interconnected world. When children are exposed to ethnic, racial, language and religious diversity, they come to appreciate the complexity and richness of other countries and cultures, develop a sense of their own place in the world, and realize that their view is only one among many possible views.

Wishing everyone a joy-filled 2012!


If you live in the Twin Cities, please join Doing Good Together for two fun and meaningful family service opportunities. Details are below  


                                                       Jenny Friedman, Executive Director
Connect Your Child with the World
Teaching Cultural Competency
News from DGT

Connect Your Child with the World 

Make a Difference.....

Try these fun projects to start creating a global family.

  • Visit sites in your area where you can experience other cultures - a Korean market, a Ukrainian neighborhood, a Spanish church, a Norwegian festival, a Russian museum. Discuss with your child what's interesting and unique about a certain country's traditions. Also, be intentional about forming friendships with diverse members of your own community.
  • Cooking and eating exotic foods is a memorable way to sample cultures. Choose a country and pick out a native dish to make together. Read about the country and its mealtime traditions.

    • Read Everybody Cooks Rice by Norah Dooley and Peter J. Thornton with your family, and try the recipes.
    • Check out The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook by Deanna F. Cook and make a meal together from Lebanon or Thailand - or another country you want to learn about.
    • Invite friends for a world tasting party, where everyone brings an international dish to share.
    • Visit restaurants with a specific ethnic bent.
  • Hang a world map on your child's bedroom wall. Every time someone in your family hears a country mentioned on television or in a book, movie or conversation, put a colorful, round-headed pin in that location. See how many pins you can amass. Print out a world map from

Teaching Cultural Competency

Talk About It.....

These questions are sure to spark conversation about the world's people.

  • If you could visit one country in the world, which would it be? Why? What do you know about the country? How could we find out more?
  • Did you know that people in other countries have customs very different from ours? Did you know that in some countries it's OK to throw toilet paper in the garbage, but that using a handkerchief for blowing your nose (like we do here) is considered unsanitary? Did you know that in Indonesia it is considered extremely rude to point with the forefinger? (They point with their thumb.) Did you know that in some cultures it's an insult to walk into someone's house with your shoes on? Talk about how different cultures have different ways of doing things. This is what makes traveling - and learning about other cultures - so exciting.
  • What would it be like to move to a new country? How could you imagine communicating if you didn't speak the language? What would you like people to do for you if you moved to a new place where you didn't know anybody? What can we do to make people who are new to our country and our community feel welcome?
  • What do you think it would be like to live in a place that was much colder or much warmer than where we live? Would people dress differently? Eat differently?  Play different games or sports? Do different kinds of jobs?

Learn About It.....

Children Just Like Me


Children Just Like Me by Anabel and Barnabas Kindersley (DK Publishing, 1995). The usual Dorling Kindersley photographic feast, providing a glimpse of children's lives from many continents. Learn their names, what items they have in their homes, games they like to play, their future plans and more.  


If the World Were a Village: A Book about the World's People 

by David J. Smith (Kids Can Press, 2002.) To enhance 

understanding of the way people live in the world, the author represents the global population in terms of a small village. This book is bound to spark big questions from children.



The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.

- Thomas Paine


News from DGT
If you live in the Twin Cities, join us at these two fun and meaningful family service events.


Small Hands, Big Hearts: Sparking the Spirit of Giving

Doing Good Together is partnering with the Minnesota Children's Museum for the 3rd annual Small Hands, Big Hearts event: a special celebration devoted to everything good about giving back. You and your little helpers can work together on several fun and family-friendly giving-focused activities in between playing in all of your favorite areas of the museum:  

  • Pint-sized Philanthropy:Small Hands, Big Hearts: Sparking the Spirit of Giving  Save up pennies, nickels and dimes and bring them in to decide which of three featured causes you want to donate them to. Then, make your own Giving Box to take home and save up even more money to give away.
  • Caring Cards: Create cheerful cards for children who are hospitalized.
  • Wrap-up a Smile: Decorate a lunch bag to brighten up elders' Meals on Wheels.

Date/Time: Saturday, January 14, 10am-7:30pm; Sunday, January 15, 10am-3pm; Monday, January 16, 10am-3pm

Location: Minnesota Children's Museum, 10 West Seventh Street, St. Paul, 55102

Come any day during the three-day period and stay for as long as you'd like. Be aware that the museum charges an admission fee. Check their website for details.


Better Together: 

Doing Good Together is partnering with the Midtown Global Market to host Better Together, Midtown Global Market_ Better Togethera free, community-wide family service event. Families are invited to come together to do fun, hands-on service projects; reflect on the importance of giving back; and learn about opportunities to get involved in their community. For more information, contact


Date/Time:  Friday evening, February 24, 5-8 pm.
Location: The Midtown Global Market is located at Lake Street and 10th Avenue South in Minneapolis.




phone: 612.822.6502




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