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May 2012


This month we want to call your attention to Family-to-Family, a national organization with all sorts of kid-friendly ways of assisting people in 20 of America's poorest communities. Family-to-Family gives you a family volunteer opportunity that not only makes a real difference for others, but also teaches your children about gratitude and compassion. 



 Jenny Friedman, Executive Director

Linking to Those Less Fortunate
Addressing Distribution of Wealth
News from DGT

Linking to Those Less Fortunate  

Make a Difference.....




Consider the best way your family can support the work of Family-to-Family, a nationwide nonprofit with an emphasis on hunger relief.

  1. Sponsor a Family Whether you want to pitch in as a single family -family_family1  or with a group - you can sponsor a family in poverty by supplying groceries and personal care items each month. 
  2. One Book at a Time Project Regularly send new or gently used books to families hungry for reading material.
  3. Birthday Giving Project Create a party-in-a-box so a child has something to celebrate! Fill a shoebox with a cake mix and frosting, party decorations, small gift and card.
  4. Giving Party Instead of gifts, have guests at your child's birthday party bring a cake mix and other birthday items for a child in need. At the party, each guest can decorate a shoebox and fill it with the donated items. 
  5. Seeds for Change Collect seeds to send to families who want to start their own gardens, thus ensuring a supply of fresh, nutritious produce.


Addressing Distribution of Wealth 

Talk About It.....


As you and your children work on a service project for Family-to-Family, pose these questions:

  • How do you think the child who receives your donation will feel when he or she receives it? Why?
  • Why is it important to donate food to those who might not get enough nutritious food to eat?
  • If you never owned a book, how would you feel if someone gave you one to keep?
  • What else might families living in poverty need help with?
  • Do you know what a food shelf is? Can you think of ways we could help poor people living in our own community?

Learn About It.....


 Great Joy



Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo (Candlewick, 2007) is the sweet, simple tale of a kind organ grinder, his monkey, and the little girl who worries over whether they have a place to go in the storm.







"I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil."

                                                                Robert Kennedy
News from DGT

We're excited to be launching a new initiative early this summer, 


called BIG-HEARTED FAMILIES, which will provide fun, simple, 

engaging activities and resources to help you and your children live generously. 


With these tools, habits of kindness and gratitude can be woven into any family's everyday routine. Through Big-Hearted Families you can become part of an online community of motivated parents who compare notes and share new ideas for how we can raise caring, compassionate children through small daily activities. We think our Big-Hearted Families idea can make a huge difference in how this next generation views the world.


Join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to learn more about Big-Hearted Families as it develops!



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