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December 2013
Are you inclined to take a stand again the season's rampant materialism but hesitate being labeled as the family Grinch? Are the children in your life already inundated with video games, plastic toys and gadgets? You can be a star gift-giver while also encouraging the values of charity, kindness and compassion. Simply choose from these
fun, creative ideas that teach kids about giving.



Also, if you've benefited from our newsletter this past year, consider adding us to your gift list. With any year-end donation to Doing Good Together, you'll be rewarded with one of our own "gifts that give" for your family - or any child or family you choose.


Here's wishing you a joyful holiday season and a peaceful New Year.

 Jenny Friedman, Executive Director
Passing on the Giving Spirit.
Tell a Generosity Tale
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Passing on the Giving Spirit 

Make a Difference..... 

Want to spark the spirit of giving in the children you love? These gifts make it fun for kids to share, care and give.

  • Crafts With Kindness:This is an all-in-one craft kit that makes it easy for families to complete a meaningful service project, no matter how busy their schedules might be. Learn more or order your kit from ourBig-Hearted Families shop. All proceeds benefit organizations that strengthen families and children.
  • Big-Hearted Families Book Club: Transform family night into a lively, book-centered kindness practice. Each month we'll bring you 1 book + 1 recipe + 1 big-hearted kindness activity - right to your mailbox! Subscribe for one month, three months or a full year. Appropriate for children ages 4-8. Order your subscription from our Big-Hearted Families shop.
  • Charity Gift Cards: This novel gift idea gives to the giver, the receiver and charities, too. The Charity Gift Cards idea is that you supply the funds, and the child on yourgift list chooses the charitable recipient. Children learn to determine their charitable interests, evaluate charities and make wise giving choices. You have a number of different options for purchasing charity gift cards. You can compare them here.
  • Share, Save, Spend Bank: This is a fun and effective method to teach children about money management, including the value of charitable giving. A number of different styles are available, including the S3 Bank kit, Moonjars, and Money Savvy Pig. Or make your own.
  • Tzedakah Box: "Tzedakah" is the Hebrew word for righteousness, fairness or justice.  Traditionally Jewish families keep a TzedakahBox in their home to collect money for charity. Whether you're Jewish or not, keeping a charity box handy is a fun way to encourage giving. Your family could also consider making "giving boxes" to give as gifts.
  • Talk About Giving Game: This deck of 60 cards with
    questions and prompts is the perfect stocking stuffer and can start a thoughtful conversation about philanthropy. Kids will enjoy playing before dinnertime, on long car trips or whenever family (or friends) gather. You can purchase it at the Talk About Giving website
Tell a Generosity Tale

Talk About It.....


A recent study, Women Give 2013, from the Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, found that children whose parents talk to them about charitable giving are 20% more likely to give to charity than those whose parents did not. Being a role model is fine, but coupling this with conversations is more effective. Here are some prompts to get you started. 

  • Why do you think people give money to charity? 
  • If you had $100, what cause would you support?
  • Why are the holidays a good time to think about practicing kindness toward others?
  • What are some ways our family can practice compassion and generosity this month - and throughout the year?

Learn About It.....


Children's books are another great gift that can teach kids about the benefits of giving. Here are some we love.


  • An Orange for Frankie by Patricia Polacco. (Ages 6-10). An Orange for Frankie This touching Christmas story illustrates the importance of sharing and the multiplying effects of kindness. It just might start a new holiday tradition in your family.
  • The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen. (Ages 4-8). A winter tale about the impact of an anonymous act of kindness.

For other books that inspire children to practice kindness and compassion, check out our comprehensive resource list


"As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way." 

                                                                 ~Mary Anne Radmacher , author and artist


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