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November 2013

 This time of year, we all try not to let consumerism get the  upper hand. Thanksgiving is an ideal time to refocus your  family's attention on kindness and an appreciation for what 

 you have. Whether you weave meaningful conversation into  your Thanksgiving meal, start a gratitude practice, or spend 

 time on a family-friendly service project, we hope your  holiday brings a deep sense of thankfulness, joy and peace.  


 Jenny Friedman, Executive Director
Gratitude and Giving
The Power of Gratitude
News from DGT

Gratitude and Giving

Make a Difference.....

Sprinkle your Thanksgiving holiday with acts of kindness and gratitude with ideas like these.

  • As a family, write down on a slip of paper one thing you appreciate about each person who will be at your Thanksgiving meal. Leave these notes at their plates, to be found when they sit down. Gratitude Banner
  • Make a gratitude tree, create a thanksgiving banner or garland, or keep a family gratitude journal. Start your display now and consider continuing your new thankfulness practice for as long as possible. Naming what we're grateful for is surprisingly effective in improving life satisfaction.  

If you'd like to expand your kindness to others (but stay within the comforts of home), you have dozens of possibilities.

  • Easiest of all, order a new Crafts with Kindness kit Crafts with Kindness (Must be ordered by November 10!) Thoughtfully developed with our input, this all-in-one kit makes it easy to spark the spirit of giving in your family with simple projects to help those who need extra comfort this season. The kit includes extras like a children's book, reflection questions to help deepen the giving experience, and ideas for how to make giving back an automatic habit. All proceeds benefit organizations (including DGT!) that build stronger kids and families. (Order extras to give to the youngsters on your gift list.)
  • Make sure someone else's Thanksgiving is as merry as yours by donating a turkey to a needy family through Family-to-Family.
  • If you'd rather volunteer out in the community this holiday season, check out VolunteerMatch to find local opportunities by location and date. 

The Power of Gratitude 

Talk About It.....


No matter how you express gratitude this season, you can have a big conversation with your little ones. Start with simple questions:

  • Who in your life are you thankful for? Why?
  • What does our family have that makes us lucky?
  • How does doing for others help us recognize our own good fortune?
  • What makes you most happy?
  • What do you appreciate about our friends or community?
  • Why is it important to show our gratitude? How can we remember to do that all year round?

The Quiltmaker's Gift  by Jeff Brumbeau (Ages 4-8). A talented seamstress makes beautiful quilts for the poor and the homeless. When the king decides he must have one of her creations, she tells him he must give away everything he owns. Only then will she give him a quilt. In the process of shedding his many possessions, the king finds true happiness. No summary can do justice to the mesmerizing quality of this enchanting tale.

A Quiltmaker's Gift is our Big-Hearted Families Book Club November selection. Subscribe today - or order a gift subscription for all the children in your life!


"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." 


Eckhart Tolle, spiritual author


News from DGT

If you live in the Twin Cities, Midtown Global Market save Friday, November 22, 5-8 pm, for a free, community-wide family service event at the Midtown Global Market

920 East Lake St., Minneapolis.  It's hosted by Doing Good Together in collaboration with GenerationOn, Disney Friends for Change and Embassy Suites. Families are invited to do simple, hands-on service projects created especially for us by such organizations as Metro Meals on Wheels, Bundles of Love, Blair's Tree of Hope and B.A.R.K. Want to help out pets? The elderly? Newborns? Our projects will target them all. You'll learn what various local service agencies do and the volunteer opportunities they offer for families. This event, held during Midtown Global Market's Family night, will feature live, family entertainment from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 

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