Take the #30Days of Kindness Challenge

It takes time to start a new habit, time and dedication. With this downloadable list full of creative - and simple - daily acts of kindness, your family is sure to launch a lifelong habit of doing good, together!

Print this page, and post prominently at home!

Print this page, and post prominently at home!

Supplies you’ll need for the month

  • Printed copy of our #30Days of Kindness Challenge
  • Printed copy of our Kindness Labels
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Access to a computer
  • Outgrown books (for donations)
  • Simple card-making supplies (construction paper, makers, crayons, etc.)
  • Spare quarters
  • Microwave popcorn 
  • Birdseed
  • Spare box


  1. Print the #30Days of Kindness Challenge or the #28Days of Kindness for Families and post it somewhere you'll be sure to see it.

  2. Make time for each day's challenge. If you need to swap days or complete multiple tasks on the weekend, that's OK. The goal is to complete one each day, but be flexible, and make that part of your reflection.

  3. Make time to reflect.

Reflection Questions

  • At the end of each day ask, discuss how the assigned task worked for each of member of your family.

  • How would you feel if someone shared today's kindness with you?

  • What was your favorite item in the challenge?

  • Which tasks were most difficult to complete? Which were the easiest?

  • What are some other ways we could share kindness every day?

If you enjoyed this, try our #28Days of Kindness Challenge. Perfect for February! 

This printable is free, but if you'd like to support our nonprofit, and help us continue to offer kindness resources, please donate to DGT!


  • Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson. Introduce the idea that kindness is contagious, and watch kindness circle the globe in just a few days. Mary, as ordinary as any other kid, starts it all with a special delivery. The rhythm and rhyme of this book make it a fun read aloud experience, too.

  • The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Eliabeth Wallace. This book was featured in the Big-Hearted Families Book Club in December 2015! When the students in Mrs. Cooper’s class are challenged to do acts of kindness and depict them in drawings, their work is so impressive, they create a “kindness quilt” that continues to grow.

  • Kiki’s Hats by Warren Hansen. Kiki’s story is another variation on the theme of how love and kindness can touch the world. Kids are inspired to start right now, sharing their own talents in whatever way they can. 

  • Reach Out and Give by Cheri Meiners. This book is very straight forward, and it’s definitely more a teaching tool than a story. It is simple, effective, and a quick read. After a brief discussion of gratitude, this book illustrates a number of different ways kids can be helpers in their community. In the back it includes discussion questions, a philanthropy role-play, generosity games, and ideas for service projects.

Take it further

  • Adopt your local food shelf and make filling your dedicated food shelf box a monthly family tradition. 

  • Continue the challenge! Brainstorm a new list of small acts of kindness and keep the habit going.

Still looking for creative ways to talk about kindness?

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