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The holidays seem to creep on me! So I put it in my calendar a month in advance the next project I want to do with my girls so that I will have plenty of time to create the project and deliver it. I missed Valentines—but I am set up for Easter! Easter project: Plastic Easter eggs filled with jelly beans and a positive saying! I will also try to make construction paper Easter baskets. Recipients: Homeless shelter for an egg hunt; nursing home for the baskets! It’s all about planning ahead and I am S-l-o-w-l-y learning this lesson! (I have a two year pocket calendar and already wrote in my Valentine project in January 2015!)
— Tamiko, a Big-Hearted Families™ pilot member
I hope all families enjoy the 4th of July holiday this week! Our kiddo’s came up with an idea for a cheap gift by using old white shoe laces, soaking them in red and blue food coloring, letting them dry, then braiding them to make friendship bracelets to give away. So far they look pretty good. I am proud of their generosity and resourcefulness!!
— Emily, a Big-Hearted Families™ pilot member
We were so thrilled to see the snow plow on our street last week that we gave the driver some homemade cookies. He was pleasantly surprised.
— Sara, a Big-Hearted Families™ pilot member
Shared wisdom with Big-Hearted Families™
For our August family service night we decorated a basket which we will use to collect food to donate. The idea is for each of the kids to pick a healthy item to purchase and put in the box each time we go grocery shopping. Our first time out at the grocery store resulted in a good conversation about healthy food - “No, a bag of Twizzlers does not make the cut. Why?” We decorated our basket later that evening by tying on pieces of fabric and yarn. This activity kept everyone in one place and allowed us to have an organic, uncontrived-feeling conversation about hunger. I asked questions and just listened to them talk. I hope to make monthly donations with the food we collect in our basket.
— Nassim, a Big-Hearted Families™ pilot member