2016-17 DGT™ Annual Report 

This past year, Doing Good Together had the privilege of creating many new innovative tools, projects and materials to empower families to raise children who care and contribute. This report highlights some of these unique programs and resources that allowed us to expand our impact. Thanks to you, we are changing lives -- both now as families meet critical community
needs -- and for the future as we help grow the next generation of compassionate, generous, engaged adults.

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Thank you Donors, Volunteers, and Board Members

Thank you Donors, Volunteers, and Board Members: We couldn’t be more grateful to all those  who have made this a year of significant growth and impact for DGT. Because of all of you, more families will have the inspiration and tools they need to make kindness and giving a significant part of their children’s early life lessons.


DGT is proud of the organizations that have asked us to collaborate, both here in the Twin Cities and around the country. This past year we have worked with the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Making Caring Common program, Bright Horizons, Thrivent Financial, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Kinderberry,  Goddard Daycare, the Iowa Commission on Service, Minnesota Boychoir, Willis Foundation, Twin Cites-based Goddard Schools, and more. It’s been a great privilege to work alongside these partners, and we look forward to further collaboration in the year ahead.

Annual Report 2016-17 Option C.jpg

Annual Report 2016-17 Option C.jpg

Trending Topics

This past year, DGT has addressed variety of tough topics, such as Death and
Grief, to provide families the tools they need to have conversations with their children about challenging issues. In addition, we’ve created unique activities to engage families in kindness (Design and Share Tear-Off Posters, Car Window Poetry), innovative reflection resources (“Little Lessons for Big-Hearted Families.”), and new “best of” book collections (winter holidays, poetry, and death & grief).

Shop Kind Online Store

We’re proud to have launched our comprehensive Shop Kind web page, a curated, easy-to- browse gallery of kindness-themed products for kids and families. This is one more way we help families make their lives more big-hearted.

Annual Report 2016-17 Option C.jpg

Annual Report 2016-17 Option C.jpg

We're growing...

We were excited to have added two new staff positions in 2017. Our first-ever Director of Development, Julia Hansen, has been both strategic and innovative in helping us
meet our philanthropic goals; she will be critical to our continued growth. Our new Director of DGT Silicon Valley, Ashley Raggio, will strengthen DGT’s national presence by deepening our work in Silicon Valley, using the model we develop there as a “blueprint” for expansion in other
key markets.

More Family Service Fairs

We’ve expanded our Family Service Fair program to many more organizations, both locally and nationally. We’re especially proud of a pilot project, funded by the Al and Jane Nahmad Foundation that brings this unique program to the Miami-Dade Public Schools. Our new video illustrates the powerful impact of these events, which provide an “introduction to giving” for families.


This year, more than ever before, we are aware of how important it is that DGT amplify the message that raising tomorrow’s leaders requires an explicit emphasis on the
values of engagement, empathy, thoughtfulness, tolerance, compassion, and integrity. To meet that challenge, we must be responsible stewards of the financial resources with which we have been entrusted and ensure that as much of it as possible goes toward fulfilling our work of empowering families to practice kindness and serve others together.