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Dating back to 2005, these monthly DGT™ Newsletters are one of our nonprofit's most popular offerings. Written by Jenny Friedman, the founder and executive director of Doing Good Together™, each newsletter focuses on a specific social issue and includes simple kindness and service ideas, book suggestions, and conversation starters for big-hearted discussions with children. 

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Favorite DGT™ Newsletters

2017 DGT™ Newsletters

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2016 DGT™ Newsletters

2015 DGT™ Newsletters

2014 DGT™ Newsletters

2013 DGT™ Newsletters

Gifts That Teach Giving
December 2013

Developing Thankfulness and Gratitude
November 2013

Conjure up the Spirit of Giving
October 2013

Become a Cultural Ambassador
September 2013

Class Act: Helping Kids Go Back to School
August 2013

Advocate for Your Cause
July 2013

Raising a Nature-Loving Child
June 2013

The Heart of Reading
May 2013

The Power of Family Dinners
April 2013

Being your Child’s Emotional Tutor
March 2013

Have a Big Heart on Valentine’s Day
February 2013

A Mindful New Year
January 2013

2012 DGT™ Newsletters

From Consumption to Contribution
December 2012

Creating Traditions of Giving
November 2012

Spooktacular Service Ideas
October 2012

Big-Hearted Families
September 2012

Collecting for the Community
July 2012


A Summer Sprinkled with Giving
June 2012

May 2012

Shine a Light on Gratitude
April 2012

Games for Change
March 2012

On-the-Go Kindness
February 2012

Creating a Global Family
January 2012

2011 DGT™ Newsletters

Building a Social Impact Library
December 2011

Spotlight on Hunger
November 2011

Weaving in Kindness Reminders
October 2011

Nurturing Creativity
September 2011

Growing Kind Kids
August 2011

Hosting a Fundraiser
July 2011

Building Empathy
June 2011

May 2011

Earth Day
April 2011

Food Choices
March 2011

Valentine’s Day Kindness
February 2011

Human Rights and Social Action
January 2011

2010 DGT™ Newsletters

Simple Steps to Start Giving Back
December 2010

Gifts that Give Back
November 2010

Halloween Giving
October 2010

Books to Learn and Reflect
September 2010

Making Food Drives More Meaningful
August 2010

Recycling Household Items
July 2010

Simple Service Projects
June 2010

Neighborhood Networking
May 2010

Teaching Peace
April 2010

Family Service Night
March 2010

Global Education
February 2010

Sponsoring a Family
January 2010

2009 DGT™ Newsletters

Help Strengthen Kids and Communities through Family Volunteering
December 2009

Gifts that Give Back
November 2009

Collection Drives
October 2009

Charitable Giving
September 2009

Volunteer Vacations
August 2009

Support the Troops
July 2009

Pajama Program
June 2009

Lemonade Stand for Charity
May 2009

April 2009

Water Awareness
March 2009

Giving and Receiving
February 2009

Kitchen Table Service Projects
January 2009

2008 DGT™ Newsletters

Building Community
December 2008

Holiday Giving
November 2008

Social Action
October 2008

School Volunteering
September 2008

Families Giving Back Together
August 2008

Connecting with Nature
July 2008

Habitat for Humanity
June 2008

Fostering Animals
May 2008

Community Gardens
April 2008

March 2008

Refugee Families
February 2008

Spending Time with Elders
January 2008

2007 DGT™ Newsletters

Making Family Service Goals
December 2007

Holiday Traditions of Giving
November 2007

Meals on Wheels
October 2007

Walk for a Cause
September 2007

Birthday Party Alternatives
August 2007

Conversations and Reflections
July 2007

Special Olympics
June 2007

May 2007

April 2007

Giving Boxes
March 2007

Random Acts of Kindness
February 2007

Starting Habits of Family Service
January 2007

2006 DGT™ Newsletters

Making a Difference During the Holidays
December 2006

Gratitude and Giving
November 2006

October 2006

Letters and Greeting Cards
September 2006

Back-to-School Giving
August 2006

July 2006

Aging and the Elderly
June 2006

Celebrating Diversity
May 2006

Environmental Awareness
April 2006

March 2006

Compassionate Giving (Valentine’s Day)
February 2006

Human Rights (MLK Day)
January 2006

2005 DGT™ Newsletters

Combating Holiday Greed with Generosity
December 2005

Thinking about Hunger on Thanksgiving
November 2005

Supporting Soldiers and Veterans
October 2005

Helping After Natural Disasters
September 2005

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