Spooktacular Service Ideas

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An easy way to weave acts of service into your family's life is to make them part of your holiday traditions -- starting with Halloween. As your kids contemplate the sweets to come, take the opportunity to talk about their own generosity. Read on for some simple, fun ways you and your small costumed crusaders can give back.  

- Jenny Friedman, Executive Director


Make a Difference.....

Choose one of these ideas to make your Halloween more meaningful for your clan.

Trick or treat for Unicef
Trick or Treat for Eyeglasses
  • Sight Night Eyeglasses collection. Collect gently used prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses as you make you rounds on Halloween night. Check out OneSight's "Howl To" Guide for details. The glasses will be recycled and distributed to those in need around the world. 
  • Faced with more candy than you can handle? Share the bounty with our soldiers through Operation Gratitude. Donations of dental hygiene products are also encouraged. You'll find shipping instructions online.


Talk About It.....

Whatever Halloween service project you choose, talk about it with your kids.

  • Why is Halloween a good time to think about doing something for others?

  • How did it feel to include a service project in our Halloween festivities? Would you want to do the same thing again next year?

  • Do you have other ideas for how we might practice kindness on Halloween?

Learn About It.....

Our blogger Sarah presents her 5 favorite Halloween tales for your little ones. While there, sign up to receive her ongoing blog posts. You'll hear how this mother of three is finding simple, fun ways to integrate kindness and service into her family's life.


    "Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind."
    - Henry James, American author