Make a Video for Good

Make a Video for Good

Share big-hearted stories to lift hearts and inspire others!


Use your story of helping or being helped to give someone else a smile, and perhaps inspire them to share an act of kindness as well. By making your video together, you are letting your kids know just how important helpers are to your family.

Possible recipients

Share on whatever social media platform you like. Or let us share it far and wide on our social media channels!

What you’ll need

  • White Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Video recording device


  • First, decide on the story of kindness you want to tell. How have you helped someone? How has someone else helped you? Make a list of answers to both of those questions and choose the story you find most compelling.
  • Second, draft your script. You'll be writing the final copy on white sheet of paper. For now, grab a notebook and consider how you will tell your story a few short sentences. Consider finishing the following sentences:

Here's my Big-Hearted Story

I needed help because_______.

_____ stepped in and ________. (who helped and how?)

It made me feel ________ to have help.

And in the end _____ (what happened).

That's my big-hearted story! What's yours?

Here's my Big-Hearted Story

I wanted to help ___ because ___.

I _______ (what you did).

I had lots of help from ________.

Together we ___ (What you achieved).

It made me feel ________.

That's my big-hearted story! What'syours?


  • Why is it important to celebrate the kindness others share with us as much as the kind actions we take ourselves?
  • How do you think strangers will react to your story?
  • How does negative news make you feel?
  • Why is it important share uplifting stories? 
  • What do you think would happen tothe world if people shared more stories about the kindness they give and receive?


  • Visit our facebook page to view the videos others have made. (?) these are evolving)
  • book recommendation to inspire kids to tell stories (ordinary mary?)

Take it further

  • Make new videos for projects you're proud of and add them as you can?
  • challenge specific friends to join you and make their own videos

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