Lucky Dog

Helping animals is a surefire way to get your child excited about doing good. You can help rescued dogs by creating simple chew toys from leftover fleece strips. We provide the simple instructions for this (and for cat toys made with crew socks). Donate your newly made toys to a friend or neighbor with a dog, or to your local animal rescue group.
Talk to your child:

  • How do you think the dog that receives your toy will feel?
  • Why is it important to help animals?

Book to share: The Dog Who Belonged to No One by Amy Hest. Ages 3-7. A lonely little girl and a lonely pup find a best friend in each other.

We Salute You

With American soldiers being deployed in numbers not seen since World War II, there are many brave men and women who can use our support. Several organizations make it easy to send a message to serving and veteran soldiers, along with care packages, books, DVDs and other nice-to-haves.