June 2015 - Family Volunteer Opportunities



June 2015 - Boston


Geared Up For Kids 2015 (5k Run/Ride Event)  

A Kids' Brain Tumor Cure-PLGA Foundation


Date/Time: Sunday, June 7, 9am - 1pm (rain or shine)


Location: DCR's Cutler Park, Needham   

Geared Up for Kids is a Family Fun Festival that has raised over $3.9 million for children's brain tumor research since 2009. With your help, this year they can surpass $4.5 million! The more money they raise, the more research they can fund and the closer they get to a cure!

  • Want to ride first and then volunteer?  GREAT! 
  • Want to volunteer with set up and then participate in the Run/Walk?  GREAT! 
  • Just want to volunteer?  GREAT!  
  • Want to just participate in the Run/Walk?  GREAT! 

Family-friendly volunteer opportunities include helping at the Breakfast/Water Tent and Start line. Click here to view volunteer job descriptions and time slots. Learn more about the Schedule of Events and Event Descriptions. There are no required registration fees but suggested minimum donations are: 

  • $250 per Adult Participant/Volunteer (age 18+)
  • $100 per Child Participant/Volunteer

Ages: Everyone can participate in a walk or ride at the Family Fun Festival. Ages twelve and older and can participate in volunteer activities.


Time Commitment: One to four hours. They can provide credit for teen volunteer hours if your school requires it.


Contact: Rachelle Robin, rachelle@akidsbraintumorcure.org. Register online to volunteer or participate in the event. Preregistration is preferred.



goCreate: Garden Kits  



Date/Time: Sunday, June 7, 1-3pm


Location: Boston - Full opportunity address and directions will be sent to you by e-mail after you sign up.  


Volunteer families will create Gardening Kits that will be given to at-risk and disadvantaged youth to encourage healthy eating and address food inequality. Please note that Boston Cares requests a suggested donation of $5.00 per participating volunteer in order to help provide supplies and management of the goCreate project. This project is reserved for Boston Cares members who have attended an orientation. Click here for information on becoming a member and signing up for an orientation.  


Ages: All ages can participate. All volunteers under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old. All volunteers under 18 years old must bring a permission form signed by a parent or guardian to give to the Volunteer Leader.


Time Commitment: Two hours 


Contact: Ginelle Testa at Boston Cares, gtesta@bostoncares.org, 617.422.0910 ex. 208.




Start a Community Garden (or help at an existing Community Garden)  

Boston Area Community Gardens


Date/Time: Ongoing


Location: Varies 


Do you like to garden? Starting, or joining, a community garden is a great way to volunteer with your children and to introduce them to the idea of helping people in their community access healthy food. Click here for ideas on how to start a community garden. Many local food pantries would love to receive donations of fresh produce from your garden. You can find an interested local food pantry near you on the Ample Harvest website


Ages: All ages can participate, depending on the garden or farm 


Time Commitment: Varies 


Contact: Search for an existing garden at the American Community Gardening Association's website or contact one of the following local organizations: 


The Lost Ladybug Project: Observers Needed!  

Lost Ladybug Project, Cornell University  


Date/Time: Ongoing


Location: Varies 


Over the past twenty years several native ladybug species that were once very common have become extremely rare. During this time several species of ladybugs from other places have greatly increased both their numbers and range. Ladybugs are essential predators in farms and forests that keep us from being overrun with pests (like aphids and mealybugs). To help the nine spotted ladybug and others, scientists need to have detailed information on which species are still out there. You and your child can help! First read about how to find, collect and photograph ladybugs and then:  

  1. Go out and find ladybugs.
  2. Photograph them!
  3. Upload your digital images using their submission form or mail your photos, (along with the time, date, location, and habitat) at Lost Ladybug Project, Comstock Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853.
  4. Return ladybugs to the wild.

Learn more about the different kinds of ladybugs on their website where you can view, sort, map, and graph the 10,000+ lovely ladybugs found so far; find activities to share with children and grandchildren; download or print beautiful ladybug materials; and listen to the ladybug song.    


Ages: All ages can participate 


Time Commitment: Flexible


Contact: ladybug@cornell.edu




Help Support Nepal  

Multiple Organizations


Date/Time: Ongoing 


Location: At home 


The April 25th earthquake in Nepal was devastating. It's estimated that nearly two million children have been affected by it. It's natural to feel helpless because we are so far away. However, this is a great opportunity to build empathy and awareness of this natural disaster and the impact it has had on so many families. What the relief efforts need most is funding. Here are two sites that list dozens of organizations that need aid: 

You can use this as an opportunity for your family to discuss how to choose an organization to support and then how to raise the money to donate. Lemonade stands or bake sales are also great ways for children to be involved in the process of fundraising!  


Ages: Everyone can participate 


Time Commitment: Varies


Contact: Choose a charity from Charity Navigator's list



Operation Sock Drop  

Friends of Boston's Homeless


Date/Time: Ongoing


Location: Contact Mariann Bucina Roca for information on drop off locations  


The abrupt closing of Boston's Long Island Bridge displaced over 400 people from emergency shelter and vital transitional programs located there. Most people left with just the clothes on their back; everything in the Long Island clothing room that fulfills the needs of over 800 men and women daily had to be left behind. By participating in Operation Sock Drop you not only help keep our community's neediest, most vulnerable citizens safe, warm, and healthy, but you will also help maintain their dignity and comfort during this most difficult time in their lives. The shelters they support give away 8,000 pairs of socks a year so they are always in need! You can organize a drive at your work, school, place of worship, community organization, or even with friends, family and neighbors, and it's very easy to run. To participate, all you and your group need to do is donate at least one new pair of men's or women's socks, pair of underwear or undershirt (men's XL and 2XL are always needed). It's an easy and inexpensive way to make a big impact on the comfort, health, safety and dignity of our community's homeless.   


Ages: Everyone can participate 


Time Commitment: Flexible


Contact: Mariann Bucina Roca at 617.942.8671, mariannbucina@fobh.org



Donate Spring Coats to Malagasy Children   



Date/Time: Drop-off Deadline July 1


Location: Cambridge 


Please help the children of Madagascar by donating your gently used children's raincoats, lightweight fleece, or thin hooded sweatshirts. They will be hand-delivered by members of the DGT family from Boston. Nine year-old Zoie and her father are going to Madagascar in July to learn more about the organization Pivot - an NGO that is working to improve the health care system in Madagascar. Zoie will give the coats to the children in the village directly so you can be assured your donation will arrive! If you are cleaning out your closets and happen to have some gently used lightweight coats and sweatshirts, please contact Kira Hower directly for drop off information. (Children's sizes only and nothing heavy please.)  


Ages: All ages can participate 


Time Commitment: Flexible


Contact: kira@doinggoodtogether.org




Share a Story with Heart!

Doing Good Together


Date/Time: Ongoing


Location: Your home 


Writing stories together as a family is a great summer project that gets kids talking, writing, reading, imagining, and building those empathy muscles. Use our Doing Good Together Story Starters with Heart to enjoy a thought-provoking family time activity. Your homemade stories can be a great way to cheer up a sick or lonely friend. Make a gift of your creations! You can also find lots of story starter ideas for kids of all ages on the Journal Buddies website.  


Ages: Everyone can participate 


Time Commitment: Varies


Contact: www.doinggoodtogether.org, journalbuddies.com




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