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February 2015

Like many of our holidays, Valentine's Day has become a marketing vehicle, with each American spending an average of $134 to celebrate this day of love. I have enormously positive feelings about chocolate and flowers (really, they're two of my favorite things), but we can enjoy these Valentine's Day treats while still adopting more meaningful traditions. What about designating it as a day your family spreads love through kindness and giving? Here are simple ideas to kick off a new Valentine's Day tradition in your home.


Jenny Friedman, Executive Director

Fill February with Love
Make a Difference.....
  • Valentine Day Card Party Throw a Valentine's Day Party that gives back. Sarah, our blogger,  has made this an annual event, and she provides all the details. Invite friends and family or have an intimate party with your own children, and create valentines to donate.
  • Have fun with our Valentine's Day-themed  28-Day Kindness Challenge.  You'll see one small act of kindness to do each day, starting 28 Days of Kindnessany day you'd like.  Or see how many activities you can complete on Valentine's Day. Reward your crew with a chocolate heart for their efforts!
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day by doing one small service project. Send a love letter to someone your family is grateful for, make a cozy blanket and donate it, or create drawings for people who need some cheering up. We have many fun, easy project ideas to choose from.
  • If you're in a gift-giving mode, check out our heart-filled gift ideas. Give a subscription (for you or a family you love) to our Big-Hearted Families™ Book Club or join our Big-Hearted Families™ Membership Circle. Purchase "Share Kindness - Start Now" bracelets for the kids in your life. Give two -- one for the child to wear and one to share!
    Internations Bookk Giving Day
  • Celebrate International Book Giving Day. Give a book to a friend or relative, leave a children's book in a waiting room, or donate a book to a local shelter.
Sharing From the Heart
Talk About It.....

Brainstorm with your family about how to bring a new "giving" focus to Valentine's Day.

  • How can we make this Valentine's Day a real celebration of love and kindness? Is there an idea we can make an annual tradition?
  • Some kids in your school might feel anxious on Valentine's Day. They might be concerned that they're not as popular or won't get as many valentines as other kids. What could you do to make such a child feel better?
  • How can we spread kindness among the people we know? What about people we don't know who could use some cheer? 
Learn About It.....

Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (ages 3-8), The Day it Rained Hearts with its simple, rhyming text and lovely illustrations, celebrates how a small act of kindness can grow into something amazing.

The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond (ages 4-8) is the story of little Cornelia Augusta, who catches hearts as they rain from the sky and transforms them into special valentines for her friends.


"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"

           Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher

News from DGT
12 Fun, Creative Birthday Parties That Give Back.

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