Six Ways to Share Big-Hearted Stories



January 2015

I am passionate about stories. Telling or reading stories helps children-and grownups-make sense of the world and feel connected to one another. They teach us the value of listening and inspire imagination and creativity. Stories help develop empathy as we learn what others struggle with; they change minds and open hearts. Stories are a powerful way to communicate values to our children, help them cope with their fears and uncertainties, and spark important conversations. Learn how you can make a difference with stories. Then we hope you'll share one of yours with us.


Happy New Year from everyone at Doing Good Together™! Sending best wishes for a 2015 filled with stories of abundance, kindness and joy.

                                         Jenny Friedman, Executive Director
Stories that Inspire Kindness..
The Power of a Story
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Stories that Inspire Kindness
Make a Difference.....
Fly Free
Kindness Quilt
Those Shoes
Each Kindness
Somebody Loves you Mr Hatch
The Empty Pot

How can you use stories to raise compassionate, giving children? Try these suggestions.

  1. Reading about someone who's shown generosity, kindness and compassion can inspire your family to action. We especially recommend:
  2. Share stories about other people's struggles. This develops empathy and helps your child gain perspective on their own hurdles. Start with these wonderful books:
  3. Read stories to inspire conversation. All stories can open up wonderful discussions if you ask good questions. These books are sure to get the dialogue going.
  4. Tell personal stories about people you admire. Think about your own heroes,
    a wonderful teacher, a parent or other relative, or a good friend who has made a positive contribution to the world. Let your child know why you think so highly of this person.
  5. Share a story on our website. We love to hear about what your family is doing to make a difference in your community. (Send a photo, too!) When you and your child tell your story of kindness, it allows you to reflect more deeply on the experience and inspires more good deeds. DIY StoryCorps
  6. Do a DIY StoryCorps interview with someone you admire. Have your children take part, too. The folks at StoryCorps suggest asking emotionally based questions like, "How did that make you feel?" They provide a list of other suggested questions to help you get the best responses.
The Power of a Story
Talk About It.....
  1. Did you like this book? Why or why not?
  2. Did you notice that one of the characters was having a hard time with something? What was it?
  3. What do you think about how this character faced the situation and eventually handled it?
  4. How would you feel if you were in a similar situation?
  5. What would you do if you had to solve a problem like the one the character in the book had to deal with?
Learn About It.....

When we hear stories about being kind and generous, we're motivated to act that way. If you're seeking books that teach values, share information about important social issues, build knowledge and inspire good deeds, peruse our comprehensive resource list to find great recommendations for both children and adults.

       "Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving ."

                                                                      - Madeleine L'Engleauthor

News from DGT
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