July 2017 Twin Cities Family Volunteer Opportunities

July 2017 Twin Cities Family Volunteer Opportunities


July 2017 - Twin Cities 

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Chosen Families Volunteering Retreat
ARC Retreat Community
Date/Time: Sunday, July 9 from 7pm through Thursday, July 13 at 2pm
Location: ARC Retreat Center, 1680 373rd Ave NE, Stanchfield, MN

ARC is an inter-spiritual nonprofit retreat center and intentional community, serving groups and individuals of all beliefs seeking time apart, rest, and spiritual renewal. ARC offers a quiet and reflective atmosphere for individuals and groups to slow down the pace of life, restore balance, and deepen relationships with self, others, and the Divine/God/Spirit/Universal Energy. Our intentional community of residential volunteers offers radical hospitality for guests and cares for the grounds and the space. We invite you and your family to join us for a multi-day volunteering retreat. We need volunteers to rake trails, tend the garden, move books, and help us bring sounds of laughter and a spirit of joy into our home. Families can consist of any genders, spiritual practices, and children ages 7-17.  ARC is located on 87 acres of old-growth white pine forest and wetlands. Each day will consist of 6 hours of work (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon), 1 hour of meditation, and 1.5 hours of shared learning time. Food and lodging are complimentary and personal retreat time will be integrated into your stay

Ages: Families with children ages 7-17 are welcome. There can be up to two children younger than 10 per adult.

Time Commitment: Four and one-half days on site
Contact: volunteer@arcretreat.org

MN Summer Host program
Vistas In Education
Date/Time: Family hosts are needed for the following weeks:
  • July 1 - 15
  • July 9 - 30
  • July 13 - 30
  • August 2 - 23
Location: Homes in the Twin Cities and in Greater Minnesota

Make a difference in the life of a young French student by welcoming them into your family for a few weeks this summer! French students come to Minnesota to have an English immersion experience, bond with a family that includes a peer their age, and learn about American culture. Host families do not need to speak French. Vistas In Education (VIE) handles all the logistics and provides 24/7 support while the students are here. The online host family application can be completed on our website.
Ages: Families with children between the ages of 10 and 18 years old.
Time Commitment: Two to three weeks
Contact: Megan Pashkevich, Megan@vistasineducation.com or 612.823.7217

Many Hands Many Meals
Tonka Mud Run
Date/Time: Saturday, July 22. Volunteer shifts are between 7am - 1:30pm, depending on the activity. Volunteers are also needed to help with set-up on Friday from 10am - 8pm
Location: Lake Minnewashta Regional Park, 6900 Hazeltine Blvd, Chanhassen

Many Hands Many Meals is a volunteer-driven organization committed to inspiring, engaging, and educating people, starting with our children, by packaging life-saving meals that ease world hunger. The Tonka Mud Run was conceived and developed by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Their enthusiasm led to the creation of this family-friendly mud run that encourages family fun and fitness, highlights local businesses and parks, and supports Many Hands Many Meals. Families can volunteer at the Tonka Mud Run in a variety of ways:
  • Friday night set up
  • Tear down
  • Assist with the Mini-Tonka Mud run. (If your family has older children and wants to participate as a family in the Tonka Mud Run, you can help with the Mini-Tonka Mud Run)
  • Obstacle Monitors. Two people are stationed at each obstacle during the Tonka Mud Run. In the past, we had a mom and daughter team at one station and a dad and daughter team at another. (If we needed to group three volunteers together, we can accommodate that as well).
  • Water Station
Ages: Everyone is welcome. Many Hands Many Meals is all about bringing families and communities together to serve the greater good.
Time Commitment: Varies, depending on volunteer activity
Contact: Julie Kiefer, info@mh-mm.org. Sign-up for volunteer shifts online.
Families Volunteering Together
People Serving People
Date/Time: Sunday, July 23, 4:45 - 6:30pm
Location: 614 South 3rd Street, Minneapolis

People Serving People is the largest, most comprehensive shelter for families in Minnesota. People Serving People helps homeless and at-risk children and their families manage crisis situations and build a strong foundation for their long-term success. Families will take a tour, complete volunteer projects and have a short program with cookies.

Ages: Families with children ages five and older
Time Commitment: One and one-half hours
Contact: Mallory Evans, mevans@peopleservingpeople.org, 612.277.0256. Please register online at www.peopleservingpeople.org/families-volunteering-together/. There is a $5 per person fee to participate.
Mentor a Child
Kids 'n Kinship
Date/Time: Ongoing opportunity
Location: Your home or the community.

Kids 'n Kinship matches volunteer mentor families, couples, & individuals with youth ages 5-16 in need of additional positive role models for fun and enriching weekly activities. Mentoring Works! Please consider stepping forward today to mentor a child with your family. We are based in Dakota County and have served families in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville & Rosemount for 44 years. Matches are made based on compatible personalities, ages and interests as well as preferences of both volunteer family and the youth and parent/guardian. Our families say that mentoring together ensures they have weekly family time and that it's easy to include another child with the family activity, whether it's a board game, sledding, a trip to a park, or going to the zoo or a museum. We offer discounted passes to area attractions to make activities more affordable, a 45-minute information session, a 2-hour training session, as well as ongoing training and support. We ask mentors and mentees to commit to a year's time together in order to build their relationship; however, many of our matches become lifelong friendships and our average match is about 3 years. Please consider being a mentor to a child - it is one of the most challenging and rewarding ways to volunteer! 

 Mentors are families, couples, or individuals over 21
Time Commitment: One to four hours per week, on your own time (very flexible scheduling: can be weekends, evenings or after school)
Contact: Rita Younger, Kinship Coordinator at rykinship@aol.com or 651.686.0990, www.kidsnkinship.org

Sholom Volunteers
Date/Time: Ongoing
Location: We have two campuses:
  • Ackerberg Campus, 3620 Phillips Parkway, St. Louis Park
  • Shaller Campus, 740 Kay Ave, St. Paul
Visit with residents, escort residents to and from activities & programs, assist with bingo and other games, help serve at holiday and other special dinners, accompany residents on outings, assist with birthday parties, happy hours or music.
Ages: We have volunteer opportunities available for families with children of all ages. Independent volunteers can be 15 years or older.

Time Commitment: Varies
Contact: Ackerberg Campus: Lori Rodewald, lrodewald@sholom.com, 651.328.2065
Shaller Campus: Ed Johnson, edjohnson@sholom.com, 952.939.1596
Delivering Beds to Kids
My Very Own Bed
Date/Time: Deliveries are made on Saturdays from 9am - noon; other opportunities are flexible
Location:  34 - 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, (located in the Keg Arts building)

My Very Own Bed had several volunteer opportunities available:
  • Delivery Volunteer - Individuals and teams, including families, youth and adults, are needed to deliver beds and Dream Kits. This is a hands-on, life-changing, outreach opportunity that allows volunteers to meet and directly impact families who have experienced homelessness. Volunteers will help load beds on the truck at our office then deliver the beds around the Twin Cities to families in need.
  • Donation Drive Volunteer - Organize a donation drive in your church community or work. Collect sheets and pillows for Dream Kits.
  • Blanket-Making Volunteer - Youth groups could make tie-blankets together as an outreach activity. Groups and individuals could make quilts, knit or crochet blankets, and put together blankets for children.
Ages: Families with children of all ages are welcome to volunteer
Time Commitment: Three hours or variable, depending on opportunity
Contact: Michael Allen, 612.799.1753, michael@myveryownbed.org
Puppy Raisers
Can Do Canines
Date/Time: No set dates, there is an ongoing need. We have puppies coming late August and beyond!
Location: 9440 Science Center Drive, New Hope

Raise and train a future service dog! Volunteer puppy raisers are needed to teach them good house manners and how to behave well in public places. Puppy Raisers attend a minimum of two training meetings each month and provide a home, food, basic veterinary care and lots of love! This is a great opportunity to spend quality time as a family, and pass on the values of commitment, compassion and civic responsibility by helping people with disabilities in your community.

Ages: This is a great family project. Children under age 12 can take part in obedience training, feeding and helping to work on good house manners, and those between 12 -16 can receive approval by training staff to handle dogs in class and in public places under adult supervision.
Time Commitment: Approximately 18 month commitment
Contact: Laurie Carlson, Volunteer Coordinator at lcarlson@can-do-canines.org or 763.331.3000 x113
Become a Citizen Scientist
Doing Good Together/SciStarter

Date/Time: Flexible, on your own schedule

Location: Your home or community
Make science your next family service project! A citizen scientist is a curious person wiling to volunteer time, effort, and resources to further scientific endeavors, often - though not always - in collaboration with researchers. Choose one among hundreds of research projects searchable through SciStarter.com. Some are online only. Others get you out into nature. Still others put you to work analyzing results. The truly great thing about citizen science through SciStarter is that you can choose a project based on your interests, the financial investment you're prepared to make, and your child's ability. Visit Doing Good Together's Be a Citizen Scientist project page for more ideas and resources.

Ages: There are projects for children of all ages

Time Commitment: Varies, depending on project

Contact: mail@doinggoodtogether.org

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