Adopt Everyday Big-Hearted Habits

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Our daily routines define our lives. After all, we are what we do day after day.

By adopting one or two simple, caring routines, you'll give your children a strong sense of themselves as helpers. In this way, big-hearted habits empower kids to become thoughtful, engaged citizens throughout their lives.

The less you isolate acts of kindness into their own once-in-a-while calendar slots, the more generosity simply becomes a way of life.
— Sarah Aadland, Big-Hearted Families™ Program Director

We’ve created a menu of big-hearted family routines, pairing our favorite habits with the cues that have worked best for families in our Membership Circle.

Don’t feel daunted by the complete list below. You aren’t meant to tackle them all at once. Choose a couple that fit your family best. Stick with them, and see where they lead.

By adopting a few, well-timed habits, you may be surprised how easy it is to move from good intentions to positive actions.

Click to print.

Click to print.


  • Download and print our Menu of Big-Hearted Habits.
  • Invite your family to browse through the ideas and discuss which ones might work best.
  • Choose one or two routines to adopt.
  • Decide on a reward you can enjoy together after you've reached a goal or milestone. For example, if you stick with your habit for two straight weeks, you may want to take your family out for ice cream or have a dance party together.

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Inspire your whole family to live generously with excellent picture books and big-hearted conversation starters. Pick your favorites from our growing list and get started today!

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