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Celebrate Earth Day

Everyday acts of stewardship

Plant the idea of environmental stewardship in your children all year – not only on Earth Day – by making little changes in your daily life.


Possible recipients

Your family, home, community, environment, and the earth.

What you’ll need

  • A willingness to make small changes in your everyday life

  • Computer with Internet access

  • Art materials (optional)


Our daily routines take a toll on the planet. It can be fascinating to show children how even their smallest activities add up to a significant impact.

  • Look at the easy Zero Footprint Youth Calculator. You’ll see how your lifestyle choices determine your carbon footprint and how small changes can lessen it.
  • Now look at 50 ways to help the planet. Read the list together and decide which change(s) your family will implement.
  • If you're feeling ambitious, take this month-long zero-waste challenge, listing one small change your family can make each day.
  • If desired, use art materials to create fun, colorful reminders — pictures, signs — to help family members keep up your new habits.


  • What good things are we already doing in our day to help the earth?
  • What simple changes can our family make to take even better care of our planet?
  • Why is it important to be good about: recycling? composting? turning off the lights? taking shorter showers? turning off the water while brushing our teeth?
  • Why is it sometimes hard to make even small changes like these?
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Take it further

  • Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by attending (or organizing) a community festival, planting trees, picking up litter, organizing a letter-writing or fundraising walk for environmental causes, or doing some activity that helps make a difference for our planet.

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