Create a giving box and support a cause you love with Big-Hearted Families™

Create a Giving Box

Collect coins for a cause you love.

Create your own Giving Box to collect your family’s charitable donations. When it’s full, decide together where the money will go.

Possible recipients

Any cause or organization that is meaningful to your family.

What you’ll need

  • Container (coffee can, shoebox, jar) with an opening at the top
  • Decorating supplies


  • Decorate the container.
  • Decide how you will fill it. For example, you might have each family member donate a certain amount of his or her “allowance” each week. Or simply put in loose change. One family “feeds” their Giving Box whenever something positive happens to them, to “pay it forward.”
  • Talk together about which cause(s) you want to support.
  • When your box is full, count your donation and take or send it to your chosen organization.


  • What is the best way for our family to fill our Giving Box?
  • Why is it important to share our money with others?
  • How will we decide where to donate our money? Should we take turns deciding where the money goes or should we agree on the recipient(s) jointly?
  • How do you feel about sharing your money with those in need? Is it hard to think about giving away your money? Is there something you can do to remind yourself of the value of our new giving tradition?


Take it further

  • Select a “family cause” that your brood will be inclined to support for a year or more. In addition to donating your Giving Box proceeds, hold a fundraiser for the cause, collect items from the organization’s wish list, volunteer for the group, and/or explain the group’s work to others.

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