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Together, Jenny and Sarah have spent years connecting families with opportunities and tools for kindness. They'll work with you to make your family service experience effective, meaningful, and full of joy.

Jenny Friedman, founder and director of Doing Good Together™

Jenny Friedman, PhD, an authority on family philanthropy, is an advocate of family volunteering as a critical child development tool in today's parenting. She fosters that mindset as the Founder/Executive Director of Doing Good Together™, now in its tenth year. Prior to DGT™ Jenny has worked with families and children all her life, as a teacher, clinician and volunteer. She has also written over 100 articles on child development, education and parenting for both local and national publications, including "Parents," "Parenting" and "American Baby" and also authored the book "The Busy Families Guide to Volunteering." Jenny has spent 20 years volunteering with her family of five (which includes her husband and three grown children).

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Sarah Aadland, MPP, is striving to make family volunteering a meaningful habit for her family of five. As the Director of the Big-Hearted Families™ Program, she creates much of the content and finds resources for families that want to practice kindness as part of their every day routine. Though she plans to one day put her Masters in Public Policy back to work for social justice, Sarah sees family volunteering as a way to build a stronger community, a better world, and a more connected family. In addition to her children, Sarah tends a large garden, a small flock of chickens, and a habit of mindfulness amid the necessary rituals of parenting.