Host a DGT™ Family Service Fair for Your Faith-based Organization

Serving Meals for the Homeless

Hosting a fun, meaningful service fair for your faith-based community is easy. For a reasonable administrative fee and the cost of supplies, we will coordinate all the details of the event for you—everything from purchasing supplies to making connections with non-profit agencies.

(Want to coordinate your own event? Choose our DIY PDF Manual with Online Toolkit, which offers all you need to make your event successful.)

Participants move among the activity stations and can work on every project or just a few, all while educating themselves and their children about critical social issues and the value of serving others. This fair has proved to be an ideal way for families and other small groups to have fun together while making a real difference in the community.

To learn more about how you can host your own Family Service Fair, contact our Doing Good Together™ Family Service Fair Director, Nassim Rossi

Benefits for Your Faith-based Organization

  • Encourages inter-generational connections.

  • Provides busy families an oasis of meaningful time together to express shared values.

  • Benefits the recipients who receive the items created and allows your congregation to build relationships with local nonprofits.

  • Provides participants an opportunity to reflect on the experience and to evaluate whether family volunteering activities can become a routine part of their lives.

  • Demonstrates your faith group’s commitment to the community.

  • Provides an antidote to our culture’s messages of competition, self-absorption and materialism, and makes children more grateful for what they have.

  • Provides increased community exposure and visibility for your congregation.

  • Promotes loyalty and commitment to the congregation among families.

  • Provides a simple, meaningful opportunity for congregants of all ages to put their faith into action.


“Doing Good Together provided our church community with an evening of fun, meaningful service opportunities for all ages. Though we were able to provide input into the activities planned and the nonprofits which benefited, DGT did the work, and our community enjoyed a wonderful evening doing good together!” 
-- Marie Bisonette, Elementary Faith Formation Director, St. Joan of Arc, Minneapolis
“One of the tenets of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order is to serve others, but oftentimes temple members who wanted to serve their immediate communities didn’t know how or where to start. Partnering with Doing Good Together allowed us to address that exact need, and the Family Service Events that [they] coordinated for us at the temples made serving the community easy for Shinnyo-en participants. They didn’t have to feel that their prior skills or experiences were not good enough, and they felt empowered to serve their communities while enjoying their time together.”
-- Ineko Tsuchida, Program Director, Shinnyo-en Foundation, San Francisco

Want to add Service and Smiles to your community?

Doing Good Together™ offers free weekly tips to encourage kindness from kids of all ages. 

Doing Good Together™ offers free weekly tips to encourage kindness from kids of all ages. 

Check out our Service and Smiles: Kindness Tips! These weekly tips (September - May) are the perfect addition to your newsletter, blog, or website. They're available free of charge, with attribution and links to DGT.

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