Host a DGT™ Family Service Fair in Your School

Hosting a fun, meaningful service fair in your school is easy. Doing Good Together can help in two ways:

Students doing good in school

1.     Purchase our DIY PDF Manual with Online Toolkit, so that you may coordinate and host your own Doing Good Together™ Service Fair.

2.     Consider hiring Doing Good Together, for a fee plus the cost of supplies, to coordinate a Family Service Fair for your school’s families.

In either case, your Doing Good Together Family Service Fair will be an event to remember. Families move among the activity stations and can work on every project or just a few, all while educating themselves and their children about critical social issues and the value of serving others. The fair has proved to be an ideal way for families to have fun together while making a real difference in the community.

To learn more about how you can host your own Family Service Fair, contact our Doing Good Together™ Family Service Fair Director, Nassim Rossi

 Benefits for Your School

  • Builds camaraderie among school families.
  • Provides a hands-on way for children to learn the values of kindness, compassion, tolerance, community responsibility and good citizenship.
  • Empowers kids to believe they can make a difference.
  • Provides direct and immediate benefits to the recipients of the items created. 
  • Gives your school increased community visibility and helps it build partnerships with local nonprofits.
  • Demonstrates your school’s commitment to the community and creates positive feelings toward the school.


“Doing Good Together is an amazing organization! Their mission to empower and support families in volunteering is making a difference for so many in our community. Service is everyone’s opportunity and responsibility—and they live this mission. DGT worked with our school to sponsor a faculty service event ... We’ll be working with DGT again!" -- Peg Bailey, Director, Breck Lower School, Minneapolis
“Doing Good Together has provided service project ideas, expertise in how to organize and sustain family service initiatives and a depth to the activities that allows families to reflect on ‘why’ their volunteer work matters.” -- Jim Litwin, Principal, Horace Mann School, St. Paul
“Doing Good Together has encouraged a culture of service at The Blake School. DGT has designed Family Service Nights that bring students, families and school together for enjoyable and meaningful service action. These events plus DGT books and volunteer monthly suggestions encourage empathy, compassion, community and hands-on service." -- Nan Peterson, Director of Service Learning, The Blake School, Minneapolis

Want to add Service and Smiles to your community?

Doing Good Together™ offers free weekly tips to encourage kindness from kids of all ages. 

Doing Good Together™ offers free weekly tips to encourage kindness from kids of all ages. 

Check out our Service and Smiles: Kindness Tips! These weekly tips (September - May) are the perfect addition to your newsletter, blog, or website. They're available free of charge, with attribution and links to DGT.

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