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Doing Good Together’s new curriculum and coaching program makes it easy to engage kids in empathy-building lessons that give back.

  • One-on-one training and year-end reflection discussions

  • A brief leadership guide and ongoing coaching

  • A binder full of curriculum materials featuring eight topical club meeting lessons

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8 Complete Lessons, each featuring

  • Group conversation guides
    to inspire big-hearted conversations

  • Activity instructions
    to make an immediate impact in your community.

  • Take home materials
    empowering students to lead their families in kindness

  • Book suggestions with conversation cards
    to deepen your understanding

One-on-one training will help you lead a kindness club with your

  • School as a lunch break or after school club.

  • Faith group.

  • Scouts troop.

  • Neighborhood or community center.

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Empower kind kids to

  • Discover concrete ways they can make a difference.

  • Look at the world from different perspectives.

  • Recognize exclusionary, us-versus-them thinking.

  • Build a more compassionate community.

  • Develop leadership skills as they guide their families in extension activities.

Kindness and compassion are skills we can teach!

“Empathy is a skill like any other human skill,” says University of Cambridge Professor Simon Baron Cohen. “If you get a chance to practice, you get better at it.”

And according to author and psychologist Adam Grant's article in the New York Times, “Raising a Moral Child,” only 25 percent to around half of a child's inclination to be kind is genetic.

This means up to 75 percent of our tendency for compassion is taught. Modeled. Practiced.

At Doing Good Together (DGT), we also know that giving kids the opportunity to give back is not enough. Reflection is essential. Children begin to think of themselves as kind kids when they have the opportunity to discuss and ask big questions. In this way, generosity becomes a part of who they are, rather than an isolated activity to complete.

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About Your Just Be Kind Coach

Let me introduce myself!

I’m Sarah Aadland, coordinator of the Just Be Kind effort.  I also happen to parent three animal-loving, social-justice-seeking, tree-climbing kiddos who are the guinea pigs for all things big-hearted. As Director of DGT's Big-Hearted Families™ Program, I operated a pilot kindness club last year for 4th and 5th graders at a local school. This year, I'm at it again, and I’m thrilled to share this unique curriculum with you!

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