Along with brushing your teeth first thing, brush up on kindness. Launch your day with a generous spirit by weaving some of these simple practices into your morning routine.

  • Do a (very) brief mindfulness practice, like having a minute of silence at the breakfast table. Or take 5 slow, deep breaths together while putting on coats and hats.
  • If you pack a snack, include extra grapes or goldfish crackers so your child can give them to a student who forgot their snack.
  • As your children head out the door, give them a compliment and remind them to give one to somebody else during the day.

Talk to your child: As you make kindness a routine, let your child know how much you value it. Say things like:

  • Our family treats people with kindness and respect.
  • We are the kind of family that helps people who are in need.
  • I think caring for others is more important than what grade we get on a test.

Book to share: Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. Ages 5 and up. When Chloe and her friends reject new girl Maya, Chloe learns a valuable lesson about accepting people. And the regret of missing an opportunity to share kindness.