Looking for a fun project for your family or a group of families to dig into? Buy cost-effective bulk quantities of pinto beans and/or rice and a bunch of plastic bags, and then create family-size portions to be distributed to low-income families. For most food pantries, it works best to put about 2 cups of dry beans or rice into 2-quart resealable plastic bags. Be sure your local food pantry will accept your donation before you begin. To find your nearest pantry, call 2-1-1 (the human services hotline) if it’s available in your area, or find a food bank here.

Talk to your child: What do you feel like when you’re hungry? How else can we help people who are hungry?

Book to share: Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan. Ages 4-8. A young boy who is uncomfortable around people who are homeless gains a new perspective when he helps his uncle work at the soup kitchen.