Birthday Bash (April 3)

Create a party-in-a-box so a child living in poverty has something to celebrate. Fill a shoebox with a cake mix and frosting, party decorations and a small wrapped gift. Family-to-Family will let you know other details and where to send or deliver your completed kits. You can pick any age and gender you wish, and Family-to-Family will help match your kit with a grateful child. Consider filling a box each time a family member has a birthday, as a way to pay it forward.

Talk to your child:

  • What would it feel like not to have a party or presents on your birthday?

  • How do you think the child who gets your party-in-a-box will feel?

Book to share: Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch. Ages 4-8. Little Bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday and decides to get it a present.