Imagine living away from home to be near a child who is very ill. Many families in this situation stay at a Ronald McDonald House, and you can pitch in by making breakfast bags. Decorate paper lunch bags and fill them with nonperishable breakfast items like a granola bar, fruit cup and juice box. Families can grab the bags on their way to the hospital. Insert homemade “Cheer” or “Smile” notes into the bag, too. Before you begin this project, call your local Ronald McDonald House to ask what items to include and arrange a delivery time. Locations are listed at the Ronald McDonald House Charities website.

Talk to your child: How would you feel if you or someone you love were very sick and had to spend many days at the hospital? Do you know anyone who is sick and could use some assistance or cheering up? What could we do to help them?

Book to share: The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polacco. Ages 6 and up. When a young girl discovers she has leukemia, she and her friends learn how to make the best out of a bad situation.