Can your family think of some “moving” words of poetry? They could be perfect for Car Window Poetry, Alex Lewis’s idea to attach uplifting poems or other sentiments to people’s cars. Simply create short, heart-warming poems, jokes or artwork. You can use the free Car Window Poetry cards available here. Then place your work on car windows near your school, playground, library, grocery store, or other places. You can also post your poems on Instagram with #CarWindowPoetry. (While you’re at it, please add #DoingGoodTogether too!) Check back later on #CarWindowPoetry and you may find that your work really did make someone smile.

Talk to your child: How do you think people will feel when they find our poems? Do you think they’ll share them with others? How would you feel if you found a poem like this on our car? Where else do you think we could leave little poems and jokes to brighten someone’s day?

Books to share: A Poke in the I, A Kick in the Head, and A Foot in the Mouth, all by Paul B. Jeneczko. Ages 8 and up. These three books explore poetry in unique ways. Even better, these books subtlety call attention to important social issues and big-hearted ideas that will spark creative conversations in your family.