Dog Treats

Bake some yummy treats for your dog -- or your friends’ or neighbors’ pets! Or donate a batch of dog biscuits to your local animal rescue group. Use this simple recipe. If you decide to donate to rescued animals, call your nearest animal shelter first to be sure they can use your homemade treats. Ask about drop-off times and whether you can get a tour or visit with the animals.
Talk to your child:

  • How do you think a dog might feel to get a special treat? How do you feel when you receive something special?
  • Discuss the many wordless ways animals show their feelings -- pain, hunger, excitement, loneliness. Ask your children how those emotions and responses are similar to their own.

Book to share: Maggie’s Second Chance by Nancy Furstinger. Ages 4-8. Jeff and his 4th grade classmates save Maggie, a rescue dog, by petitioning the town council to establish an animal shelter. Based on a true story.