If you’ve ever helped another family get on its feet, you know how precious that assistance can be. Through a wonderful program called The Box Project, you can help a family living in rural poverty in America to become self-sufficient by offering them friendship, education, and supplies. After The Box Project matches you with a family to sponsor, your family will exchange letters to get to know them. About once a month, you’ll send a box of food, clothing or other supplies. On average, sponsors allow about $50 per month for their match family. Some are able to do more, some less. Learn about helping a family overcome the cycle of poverty by visiting the DGT About The Box Project page.

Talk to your child: Why is it important for families with resources to support families that are struggling? Would you like to talk to your match family on the phone? Visit them in person? Why or why not?

Book to share: Tight Times by Barbara Shook Hazen. This story, about a loving family whose father lost his job, helps children understand how people can get caught in difficult financial situations and the strain it can cause.