Family Matters (January 9)

If you enjoyed sponsoring a family for the holidays, here’s an opportunity to do it all year long. The Box Project encourages families and individuals living in rural poverty in America to become self-sufficient and overcome the cycle of poverty by offering them friendship, education and supplies. Just let The Box Project know how large a family you can assist, and you will be matched accordingly. As a sponsor, your family will write to your match family and get to know them. About once a month, you’ll send a box of food, clothing or other supplies. On average, sponsors allow about $50 per month for their match family. Some are able to do more, some less. Learn more by visiting The Box Project. 

Talk to your child:

  • Why is it important for families with resources to support struggling families?
  • Would you like to talk to our match family on the phone? Visit them in person? Why or why not?

Book to share: Tight Times by Barbara Shook Hazen. This story, about a loving family whose father lost his job, can help children understand how people get caught in difficult financial situations and the strain it can cause.