Fortune Tellers (October 2)

Do you choose kindness? Try these fun origami fortune tellers centered around kindness activities. They are perfect for play dates, road trips or enlivening wait times. See if your family can turn one of their choices or the ensuing conversation into a kindness action item.

Talk to your child:

  • Sometimes it is hard to be kind and generous. Can you think of a time that happened to you? Tell me about it. 

  • What other questions or activities would you add to the fortune teller? Would you like to create your own kindness fortune teller? You can! Try it out by using this template.

Book to share: 201 Questions to Ask Your Kids; 201 Questions to Ask Your Parents by Pepper Schwartz. Ages 10 and up. This book is full of questions that will open broader conversations beyond the topics of giving and kindness.