Have A Heart (January 23)

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to make valentines for people who need some cheering up. Invite friends and family to your “spread-the-love” party (held a week or two before Valentine’s Day) then collect fun decorating supplies to make the valentines. Choose a local nursing home or hospital to receive your creations or send them to children who are sick. To find specific children, visit sendkidstheworld.com. On the day of the party, adorn your house with hearts and serve pink and red foods.

Talk to your child:

  • How does it make you feel to do something nice for others on Valentine’s Day?

  • How would it feel to receive a valentine from someone you don’t know?

Book to share: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli. Ages 4-8. A lovely story about a grumpy, lonely man who discovers the importance of friendship when he receives an unexpected package from an admirer.