Heart Warming (October 30)

Your family will have fun creating simple “no-sew” fleece blankets for children and adults who need warmth and comfort. (See our simple instructions.) Call hospitals, homeless shelters, care facilities, or police and fire stations to find your grateful recipients. Or deliver to your local chapter of Project Linus or Binky Patrol. These two groups will distribute them to organizations with the greatest need. This is a wonderful project to complete together when the extended family gathers at Thanksgiving or the winter holidays. And your child will have fun picking out the fleece patterns at the fabric store!

Talk to your child:

  • Do you have a special blanket or stuffed animal? How do you feel when you have it with you?

  • What kinds of things make you feel safe and comfortable?

Book to share: In November by Cynthia Rylant (Sandpiper). Ages 4-8. This poetic book sets the perfect autumn tone.