Hope for Change (December 12)

Teach your child about the value of charitable giving by creating a family “giving box.” When it’s full, you all get to decide where to donate the money. Start with a shoebox or coffee can. Once it’s decorated, put it in a prominent location in your home. Some families add money to the box each time a positive event occurs in their lives, as a way of sharing their good fortune. Other families collect loose change in the box or have each family member make a weekly donation from their earnings or allowance.

Talk to your child:

  • Why is it important to share some of our money?

  • There are many important causes – poverty, education and literacy, rescuing animals, protecting the environment. Which ones are you most passionate about?

Book to share: The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving by Ellen Sabin Ages 4-8. This interactive book introduces children to the idea of philanthropy and giving back.