The time to begin the conversation about honesty and integrity at school (and in life) is when your child is in elementary school, before widespread cheating becomes an issue. Start your chat by acknowledging that cheating can be tempting (it makes what’s hard seem easy) and that having integrity can take guts. Point out instances when others have stood up against the pressure to be dishonest and how much you respect their courage for doing what’s right.
Talk to your child:
•    When discussing school, ask questions that don’t put an emphasis on grades, such as: "What did you learn?" or "What was the most interesting thing you found out about whales when you wrote your report?"
•    If your child receives a bad grade, express concern that they may not have mastered the material rather than dwelling on the grade.
Book to share: The Empty Pot by Demi. Ages 4 and up. Everyone wants to win the emperor’s competition to see who can grow the most beautiful flower. The winner will become the next emperor. But when one boy’s seed won’t sprout, he learns that bravery and honesty are more important to becoming emperor than a dramatic presentation.