Let your local parent organization know about Family Service Fairs (FSF), DGT™'s fun, meaningful kindness events. Our tools will help your school (or faith group or workplace!) host this “introduction to giving” that focuses around 6 to 8 "booths" or "stations," each one offering an easy service project for families to complete on the spot. DGT™ offers extensive resources to make planning and executing this event simple and successful!

Inspiration: “Our parents, students and teachers were so inspired and energized by [our Family Service Fair] and want to know when we are going to do it again. As a PTA officer, I have never been thanked so many times and received so much positive feedback about a program.”

-- Sonya Tinsley-Hook, Briar Lake Elementary, Decatur, Georgia

Book to share: DGT has created a Family Service Fair manual/online toolkit that provides a step-by-step guide as well as templates; essential, customizable documents; and additional (fun, creative) resources to host a FSF.