Summer means lemonade stands on the neighborhood street corner. This year, give this summertime tradition a twist. By donating your profits, the project can teach your young ones the joy of helping others. These two websites make it easy for your family to give back. Alex’s Lemonade Stand helps raise money to fight childhood cancer. Lemons to Lemonade encourages young entrepreneurs to donate their lemonade earnings to the charity of their choice. Each website offers suggestions for staging a successful stand.

Talk to your child: When we raise money from the lemonade stand, where would you like to donate it? Why do you think raising money for this cause is important? How does it feel to give away the money you earned? Is it hard not to spend it on yourself?

Book to share: Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand by Liz, Jay and Alex Scott. Ages 4-8. This is the true story of Alexandra Scott, a brave young girl battling cancer who wanted to find a way to help her doctors discover a cure. Alex decided to start a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to the hospital where she was being treated.