This simple, month-long project takes only minutes a day, but offers powerful lessons on poverty and hunger. It also makes children aware of--and grateful for--all they have. Start any day of the month. Then, each day (for 30 days) count something different in your home (say, stuffed animals or cans of food). Place that many coins in a bowl or jar. At the end of the month, donate this money to a hunger relief organization.

  • Talk to your child:

  • Why is it important to help people who can’t afford the healthy food they need?

  • What else can we do to help people who are hungry?

Book to share: Maddi's Fridge by Lois Brandt. Ages 4 and up. This book is both a joyful story of friendship and an emotional tale of hidden need. Children will be inspired to learn more--and do more--about local hunger issues after hearing Sofia’s desire to help her friend.