Not surprisingly, one of the surest ways to instill eco-consciousness in children is to foster a love of nature. You don't have to travel to the Amazon rainforests to do it, either. Find a hiking path (woods or prairie), go for a canoe ride, or have a picnic. See what's living under a rotten log, sweep a net through the edge of a pond, count birds. Invite your kids to use all of their senses to notice and appreciate the earth and its creatures. Take along a magnifying glass, binoculars or camera. Keep a nature journal to record your family's observations.

Talk to your child:

  • What good things are we already doing in our day to help the earth?
  • What simple changes can our family make to take even better care of our planet?

Book to share: Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. Ages 5 and up. Bring the joy of imaginative play to your outdoor experiences with this wonderful story.