Oh, Rubbish! ( April 24)

Next time you take a walk, take a bag and clear out the litter from a section of park, beach, vacant lot or your neighborhood. Be sure to take the necessary precautions, including wearing sturdy gloves, being careful on riverbanks or near roads, having adults handle dangerous items and supervising children closely. You can pick your favorite walk and do a one-time sweep, or make clean-up a regular family event. Then have your family write an essay about your experience. Send it, along with a digital photo (if you don’t have a camera, this requirement can be waived), your names, age(s) and address, to mail@wildernessproject.org. Your essay will be published on www.wildernessproject.org, your children’s names will appear in the Registry of Apprentice Ecologists, and you will be awarded an official certificate. For tips on conducting the clean-up and to see other essays, visit the website.

Talk to your child:        

  • Why is it important to pick up litter?
  • How can we encourage others not to litter?

Book to share: The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden. Ages 4-8. This fun, creative story teaches an important lesson about taking care of the earth.