One Book at a Time

When there’s barely enough money in the house for food, buying a book for a child is next to impossible. Family-to-Family will match you to a child living in poverty, give you the child’s name, age and reading level, and ask you to send him or her a new book each month. You will be asked to commit to the program for one year and send a total of 12 books, each accompanied by a letter. (The child will be encouraged to write back to you.) Have your own child help pick out each month’s book – perhaps something they have read and loved. Also ask your kids to help you write the letter to the child each month.
Talk to your child:

  • Why is it important that children grow up with books in their homes?
  • How else can you share the love of reading with others?

Book to share: Wild About Books by Judy Sierra. Ages 4-8. When a librarian accidentally drives her bookmobile to the zoo, the animals learn the joy of reading.