Pump You Up (May 1)

There are walks/runs/bike rides to fight hunger, and even to support animal rescue, literacy, housing or hospice. You don’t have to look far for an event that lets you spend time with your family, supports a good cause -- and gets your heart pumping. Spring is a great time to walk, run or bike for a cause. Many events raise funds to ensure quality care and find cures for diseases such as cancer, juvenile diabetes or ALS. For one list of events and the causes they support, visit the WalkJogRun website.

Talk to your child:

  • Why do groups raise money by having walks or runs?
  • Why is it important to raise money to fund research to fight disease?

Book to share: My Trip to the Hospital by Mercer Mayer. Ages 4-8. Little Critter must be treated when he breaks his leg during a soccer game.