Quick Acts of Kindness

Eager to do some quick intentional acts of kindness with your children? Many parents find that Saturday afternoon is the perfect time to plan your activities. Our list of 24 ideas ranges from a heartfelt greeting to buying someone a sandwich. Have your kids decorate DGT Kindness Cards to leave at the scene of your kindness acts.
Talk to your child:

  • How would we know if someone were having a bad day and needed a little extra kindness?

  • What are some safe and simple ways to share kindness with a stranger?

Book to share: The Spiffiest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson. Ages 3-7. George, a giant, believes his scruffy wardrobe needs an update, so he buys some new clothes. But he doesn't stay spiffy for long, as he runs into friends who need the items more than he does. A simple story about kindness and generosity.