Sign a Petition (January 29)

With politics in the air, this election-year activity will challenge your kids to think critically and take action about causes that matter to them. The idea is to start an online petition, or sign an existing one at First, study issues together, then decide to participate in initiatives that are up and running, or start a petition for a cause that’s meaningful to your child or your family. Check out Doing Good Together’s Sign a Petition page for ideas on how to get started.

Talk to your child:

  • What petition(s) did you choose to sign? What prompted your choice?
  • Why do you think it’s important to participate in this type of social action? What benefits can it have?

Book to share: I Can Make a Difference: A Treasury to Inspire Our Children by Marion Wright Edelman. Ages 4-8. Stories, poems and tales to inspire children and let them know they have the power to make change.