Your child may be hearing about refugees and want to help. Befriending a refugee family in your community can take many forms -- an airport welcome, picking up donations of furniture, or a tour of your town. Or perhaps you can offer a ride to the grocery store or doctor’s appointment, a hot meal, or help with a job search. To find out the specific refugee-support opportunities in your community, visit, then enter your zip code and choose the interest area "Immigrants and Refugees." Or contact your local chapter of the International Refugee Committee, Lutheran Social ServicesCatholic Charities or Jewish Children and Family Agencies.
Talk to your child:
•    What would it be like to be forced to leave home suddenly? What would you pack if you had just a little time? What would you miss?
•    What could help make a refugee feel more comfortable and less scared in their new home?
Book to share: Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed. Ages 6 and up. Two girls in a Pakistani refugee camp decide to share a pair of sandals given to them by a relief worker. A simple story of friendship.